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We are pleased to offer a Used Curriculum Sale.  Interested in bringing used curriculum to sell?  See the FAQs below and don’t forget to complete the Seller Info Sheet (either the online form below or print).

Can anyone submit product to sell?

Yes!  As long as you follow a few of the rules, you can bring products to the sale.  Don’t forget to complete the Seller Info Sheet BEFORE arriving.

How do I prepare products for the sale?

Attach an index card to your product with

  • your name (please make sure this matches the name on your Seller Info Sheet),
  • price,
  • item description,
  • and please write “PICK UP” if you intend to pick up the item if it is not sold (Items to be donated should NOT have any designation written on the card)

written neatly in pen.  It is best to tape the card on both shorter ends.  Make sure any sets are securely packaged together, and the item description should list all the parts of the set included.

When and where do I drop off sale items?

All products with index cards attached, as well as a copy of your Seller Info Sheet, should be brought to:

To Be Determined – Sale will be Rescheduled

Ask for the sales coordinator.

What are the consignment fees?

Birmingham Homeschoolers Community will take 20% of the price listed on the index card for each product.  Sellers will receive 80% of the index card price.

These consignment fees cover aspects of arranging this sale:  credit card processing, venue charges, sales tax, etc.

When do I pick up items not sold?

Items not sold should be retrieved between times announced.  Any items left will be donated as decided by the BHC Advisory Council.

Please remember to mark your items with PICK UP if you would like to pick them up if unsold.

What happens if I forget to pick up my items?

Any items left will be donated as decided by the BHC Advisory Council.  Please make arrangements to pick up your items between the times announced.

When do I get my money for items sold?

BHC will mail checks within 7 business days to the name and mailing address listed on the Seller Info Sheet.

The Used Curriculum Sale will be rescheduled.

If you have trouble using the above form, you can click here to download and print. (Hard copy form has been disabled until we announce rescheduled date)