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About Us

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Our community serves all homeschool families, and we encourage families to join us for FREE.

Promote and share local resources

Through our website, directory, and social media outlets, the community is invited to share local resources.

Connect Together

Through community wide activities and social media, homeschool families are connected together.

BHC = Birmingham Homeschoolers Community

What We Are:

A no-fee support group for homeschool families in the Birmingham Area with planned activities and field trips throughout the school year.  Our purpose is to connect the many local homeschool families together and encourage sharing of information and resources.

What We Are NOT:

We are NOT a church school or cover school for homeschool families.  We encourage all families with students who are compulsory attendance age (6-17) to follow the legal requirements of the State of Alabama.  CLICK HERE for more information about the laws regarding homeschooling in Alabama.

Our History:

Birmingham Homeschoolers Community began as Highlands Homeschoolers, a small group for homeschool families within Church of the Highlands, a large Birmingham area church.  Families would meet weekly at a local neighborhood park for playtime with other homeschoolers and “share time” for the homeschool moms.  After about a year, the group began to do other activities such as visiting a local fire station or attending a living history event at a local farm or organizing a Valentine’s Day party.  It continued to grow to include families from other churches and bigger activities such as family field trips to Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, VA.

As Highlands Homeschoolers grew to include hundreds of families, it became more independent and evolved to no longer be a “small group” of Church of the Highlands.  In 2012, Highlands Homeschoolers changed its name to Birmingham Homeschoolers Community to reflect its purpose and outreach.  The group has become a community support group that is maintained by its membership and the support of local organizations/sponsors.

Our focus and purpose has now evolved to be a “hub” for Birmingham area homeschoolers.  Our events are maintained to provide an environment for connection and sharing, and we encourage all members to share resources and information with the group.

We hope that all Birmingham area homeschoolers will JOIN us, SHARE resources/information, and CONNECT together in giving our students a community that supports and encourages one another.