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We are so glad you are willing to share your experiences with homeschool curriculum!

What is a Curriculum Show & Tell?

We give homeschool veterans an opportunity to showcase the educational tools which they have found most helpful.  Participants will be able to interact with attendees and allow attendees to interact with curriculum.  Participants should bring their copies of the curriculum and examples of how it was used.

Our Share Coordinator will help facilitate an area that is welcoming and informative.  Please contact Shaley with any questions or concerns.

A few ground rules:

  • Keep your comments positive and helpful.

  • Please have someone keep your young children at home.

Thank You for Your Investment in Helping Area Homeschoolers

If you are planning to sell used curriculum, please note that you will need submit those items to the Used Curriculum Sale.  There will be no sales items at the Curriculum Show & Tell area.  If you have made an arrangement with a curriculum provider, you may want to secure an exhibitor’s table or booth.

Before you complete the form below, please have a list of the curriculum you will share.  We hope to post this for those who are looking for a certain curriculum to preview.

Registration closes on March 5th!